Photographic & Media Services


The holiday rentals business is all about maximising bookings.  Similarly selling real estate, is all about attracting both sellers as well as buyers. The truth is that if your images are bland and look unprofessional, then you look unprofessional.

Photography is the most important tool we have, to tell our potential customers who we are and what we have to offer, as well as to promote a positive customer experience.

Unlike traditional photographers, I do not simply take single exposure images, or use HDR. I construct a single image from several layers, using a mixture of natural ambient light, and studio flash.

This gives my photographs greater impact and depth, captures the attention of the audience, and sets them apart from those flat and uninspiring images that you regularly see on estate agent and holiday rentals websites and in social media groups.


Holiday rentals property owners and real estate agents alike are increasingly making short video clips to promote their properties and increase their exposure on social media.  However shaky video taken on a mobile phone just looks incredibly unprofessional and gives the impression of a low quality business.

We can provide all the technical know-how required, to make your video project the success it deserves to be, and to help you reach out to more potential clients.

Website & Social Media

There are so many ways to attract potential clients, without paying high commissions to booking sites.

Marketing your rental property is all about understanding your clients needs and engaging potential customers, especially on social media. The better you target your potential audience, and the higher quality your content, the more direct bookings you will receive.

Posting poor quality images of your property on social media just gives the appearance of a low-quality holiday experience for your client. Consequently, your property will never realise its full rental potential, and you will receive few or no quality bookings via these platforms.

Whether you are a single property owner, or the manager of several properties, I provide a comprehensive range of website and social media marketing packages tailored to your personal preferences and budget. From social media management, to professional internal photography, drone stills and engaging social media video clips for your business, talk to the professionals.